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Trial Presentation

Trial Presentation Services

Exhibits Are One-Click Away

Instead of fumbling through endless amounts of paper in separate binders or boxes, you can electronically store all of your exhibits (including documents and video) and have them all at your fingertips.

Focus on Presenting Your Case

Reduce possible distractions by letting us be the dedicated trial tech. We’ll take care of the evidence, making sure each exhibit is there when you need it. 

Make an Impact on the Jury

Technology like laptop computers, tablets, LCD projectors, video, and presentation software make it possible for you to present evidence to juries in a more engaging manner that can leave an impact during deliberation.

Why Hire Us?

  • Over 15 years of experience in trial presentation
  • Involved in more than 50 trials at both the Federal and State level
  • Cases involving contract disputes, medical malpractice, environmental law and more all successfully completed

What We Do: Our Trial Presentation Services

Before Trial

  • Create PowerPoint® (Keynote, Prezi) Presentations
  • Scan and/or load all trial exhibits into Trial Presentation Software
  • Convert video into digital computer format
  • Synchronize transcript testimony with your video depositions
  • Develop electronic timelines which can be linked to your electronic documents
  • Produce copies of trial books/ binders

During Trial

  • Supply all of the equipment and software you need to present your evidence
  • Set up all of the equipment
  • Supply personnel to present the evidence for you
  • Provide a complete backup of your case on a separate computer to prevent the unexpected (including backup LCD projector)

Trial Presentation Equipment

  • Laptop computers with presentation software
  • iPad/ Tablet
  • LCD Projectors
  • Display Screens & Cables
  • Kill switches
  • Additional monitors

Laptop vs. Tablet Presentation

Laptop Computer

  • Most reliable
  • Use for cases with a larger volume of documents/ video

iPad/ Tablet

  • Newer way to present evidence wirelessly
  • Great for smaller cases
  • Use with cases with fewer documents

Software We Use

  • PowerPoint (Keynote, Prezi) for opening/ closing and demonstrative exhibits
  • Sanction to present evidence
  • TimeMap to create electronic timelines

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