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Why Docu-ROM?

Docu-ROM, Inc. has more than 30 years of litigation support experience.

Docu-ROM has been providing litigation support services for the legal community since 1998.

It has been our continued goal to provide an unmatched level of service for our clients. While we do provide the latest in technology, it is our belief that people still make the difference and our staff is dedicated to making you, our client, our priority every day.


  • 30 Years Working in Litigation Support
  • More than 50 Trials in Trial Presentation
  • Digital Court Reporting Since 2009
  • HIPAA Trained Employees
  • American Association of Electronic Reports and Transcribers (AAERT) Certified
  • Nationwide Record Retrieval Services Since 1998


  • Online Services Are SSL Protected and HIPAA Compliant
    Including our request form pages, status tracking pages, and the online repository.
  • Identity Protection
    We limit the use of Social Security Numbers and only use when required by a provider.
  • Storage
    Records that are received by Docu-ROM are securely stored while they are being processed and sent to our clients.
  • Full Security Control of the Online Repository
    You can share certain records with experts, co-counsel, etc. while protecting records your don’t want to share.


  • Records, transcripts, and exhibits are uploaded to your online repository at no additional charge
  • Securely access records 24/7 from a computer, smart phone, or tablet

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Since 1998, we have been dedicated to making our clients our priority, every day.

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